A free event supporting local Food Banks and Animal Shelters

We request a donation of three or more cans of food, or dry pet food to help us support the Ocean Shores Food Bank and the North Shores PAWS animal shelter.

Last year saw 565 pounds of canned food donated by A Pirates Life For Us.


There were about 35 attendees the first year. Mostly it was pirates that we knew through other Pirate events / friends and or crew affiliations.

The second year we had about 70. Invited our favorite vendors to attend, realizing that they were also part of what has become Gear and Garb. The Best Western Lighthouse Suites Inn became our Host Hotel by offering everything from a place for the Gear and Garb and of course, a place that we all called home for the weekend.

The third year attendance swelled to over 130.

This year we are confident of even more, and filling the hotel completely!!

This event is funded entirely by the sale of buttons and tee shirts, and the labor of volunteers.


Sharon Abrahamson - a/k/a Jaws

I became a pirate 9 years ago.

The Ocean Shores Pirates were looking for wenches. After I joined them, I found that I had more to give and so I went looking for other pirate groups that needed help. The Rusty Scupper Pirates welcomed me and then I joined the Pirates of Treasure Island.

While working with these groups and communicating with many others, I found that the smaller groups needed ideas and or pirates to help them with making their community events successful. Thus APLFU was created. It was intended to be a method of sharing information. We all have successes in our pirate lives and we love to talk about what works best.What better way to do that? The rules for the event? No club affiliation, just a bunch of pirates talking about what we love to do, perform and give back to the communities we live in.

What better way to get everyone talking, have a pub crawl. The Pirates Cove as the Ocean Shores Pirates Port o' Call so what better place to start, The Porthole is a favorite watering hole for the locals and the North Beach Eagles offered to put on a Spaghetti Feed for us.. That is how it started. The public was welcomed to find their "Inner Pirate" and come with us and see why we love what we do and maybe hook them up with a pirate crew in their hometowns. Additionally, we thought that having a Pirate Garage Sale would clear out our over filled closets and who do you sell your pirate gear to? Other pirates!

Dan Dunlap - a/k/a/ Iron Jack and
Carrie Dunlap - a/k/a/ Flash

Dan and Carrie are co-founders of this event. They have marketing roles as well.

Carrie created the logo and the T-Shirt design and Dan is the creator of the Treasure Hunt Game. We all participate in the promoting of the event. That is our Team!! My Team for "A Pirates Life for US!!

We were talking one day about a need to get together with other Pirates and share info about being a pirate. During the summer everybody is so tied up with their commitments you just wave, smile, and say "Hi There, and yes I forgot your name too."

January was a perfect choice. Its a great start to a New Year and most groups are free to come.

Very often at pirate events there are a lot of things going on and people tend to stay with their groups and we don't get a chance to just sit down and talk and compare notes about our pirate gear. At this festival we can slow down and get to know each other. Without parades and ships we all have a lot of free time. My main role in the festival is the treasure map game. I order the buttons and sell them for a dollar each, in turn that money goes to buy the paper for the maps, and all the prizes. Last year we had over 73 prizes for a group of over 100 pirates so it was a pretty good ratio.

Another idea that turned out well is "Gear and Garb". Most everyone has old pirate gear and clothing so this gives everyone a chance to sell their old stuff and buy new things. It works out well because there is no booth fee, so now we even have a few vendors coming and selling their wares, and it is over at noon so then the vendors can come and join the pirates and not be stuck in a booth all day.

It is hard to put on an event with no funds. Everything we do is out of our pockets, so we are limited on what we can do. But we have had amazing support from our mates!

Last year was our best year yet, lots of people and lots of food for the food bank and this year will be even bettter!